Athens Store

Everything begins with a dream.

My name is Aggeliki and after 25 years of experience in fashion, in February 2020, comes the time to make a dream come true!
A dream for a woman differently dressed.
A dream for a woman liberated from stereotypes.
A dream for a woman Simply Chic.
In a store where you don’t just buy clothes only to be dressed up, but to make you feel unique, important, happy and ultimately a winner.
That’s our secret!
Personal contact and interaction.
Every customer is unique, and I personally always suggest my clothing choices according to every body type and needs of every woman.
Our clothes are designed to be worn effortlessly and contribute to a conscious lifestyle. As advocates of body positivity, we believe that well-made designer wear should be for all body types. We want to make dressing up simply chic!

Our design process:
We start by deciding the mood, colour palette and functional specialties.
Here are a few things we look for:
Versatility, durability
Special crafts, weaves and techniques.
Most apparel brands release new designs every six months. as simply chic we do that every 1-2 weeks.
Gone are the days of trying to fit into a garment. Our garments are made to fit you!
Our fabrics are soft, light and made of mostly natural materials. we choose tough end long lasting fabrics that can be worn multiple times.
That’s not all. We deliver your order in a reusable cloth bag made from left over fabric, 100% cotton.
Isn’t it special when something is made by hand, just for you? Everything is locally made buy high skilled tailors in Greece.

I will be happy to meet and serve you personally!